Xbox Open Source Video Project DIY Kit

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All sold out right now! Doing my best to catch up to orders. If you'd like to be added on the wait list, send a email to and I'll get you a spot! Once I catch up this page will have inventory again!

Make sure you mention if you'd like a case included with kit ($5 USD). Once I catch up this page will have inventory again. 


Feeling adventurous? Or just want an excuse to warm up the good ole soldering iron? Well, the XOSVP DIY Kit is for you!

Don't believe you'll see an improvement? Checkout a comparison shot between the XOSVP with the OSSC and other video solutions!

Each kit comes with the following parts:

  • Half a VGA cable
  • Fresh Xbox AVIP Compatable adapter with shielding
  • 6x 75Ω 0805
  • 1x ‎THS7316DR‎
  • 1x 10μF ‎Nichicon‎ Electrolytic Capacitor
  • 2x 0.1μF Samsung Ceramic Capacitor
  • 2x Flat Head Phillips #6
  • 1x Digital Fiber Optic Audio Compatible Emitter
  • 1x VGA Adapter
  • 1x 3 Pin RCA Adapter
  • PDF Assembly Manual

While not an overly difficult kit, I wouldn't recommend it for absolute beginners. The pin spacing on the ‎THS7316DR‎ is tight, and many of the parts are surface mount. Soldering the VGA cable is also difficult to do without introducing any shorts. You should be relatively confident with soldering before attempting.

If you're still on the fence I recommend you download the Assembly Manual (coming soon) and decide for yourself!

You also have the option of not using a enclosure for that raw "I made this in my Garage" feel, or print your own enclosure with a 3D printer.

Not everyone has access to a 3D printer (check your local library though!). Add an enclosure to your kit for just $5!


RCA and Toslink cables sold separately. I'd bundle it with the order but I can't beat the prices of the big players. Here are my recommendations:

Monoprice has the best Component Video cables for a very reasonable price. They are advertised as RG-59 which means the cables have a characteristic impedance of 75Ω which is exactly what you need for the best possible video quality. Because of this, they will be bulky and difficult to bend, but don't skimp out! The thinner lighter cables have poor impedance consistency which will lead to signal reflections!

As for the TOSLINK, any old cable will work just fine and Amazon has many options for cheap. Digital Audio is just that, digital, so don't splurge here, a $5 cable will work just as good as a $50.

Don't have a stereo receiver for the digital audio? That is fine! Amazon also has a decent selection of TOSLINK DAC's for reasonable amounts. Might feel funny to use a cheap DAC for audio when the Xbox puts out audio already, but trust me, even a cheap DAC will have much better audio clarity + quality that what will be coming out the back of the Xbox.

Below are some links to the products I mentioned, none of them are affiliate links so don't feel bad about clicking them!

Monoprice Component Video Cable

Amazon Basics TOSLINK